07.27.2016 - 2:45 PM EDT

A good run-down of how Trump repeatedly dodged all the substantive questions about his business ties with Russia, use of Russian capital for various projects, etc.

Norah had no luck getting any information this morning out of Trump (de facto) Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. But Norah knew what the score was. After hearing again that Trump has no business in Russia she replied with the real question. "But does Russia have investments in Trump?"

07.27.2016 - 11:53 AM EDT

Okay we just finished listening to the Trump press conference. From our feed it was difficult, almost impossible to hear the questions. But from the answers, Trump did not address any of the substantive questions about his financial and/or policy ties to Russia. Not one.

07.27.2016 - 11:00 AM EDT

I'm trying to figure out what business deals Donald Trump is doing with Vladimir Putin. But I need to be able to multitask. So did I mention we're doing a really important membership sign up drive to make TPM awesomeness now and in the future? If I didn't, we are. And it's important. If you feel like you need us, then we definitely need you. Take a moment, click here and become part of what we do. Thank you.

07.27.2016 - 10:43 AM EDT

It's difficult to know what Trump could credibly say at this point to calm the waters over financial and policy ties to Russia. He does get a lot of investment from Russia. This is a fact. It's also not at all problematic in itself. Denying this is a demonstrable falsehood. So he's basically reduced to saying 'Sure, I have a lot of investment from Russia. But it's all completely legit, I assure you.'

Also I'm never going to release my tax returns.

07.27.2016 - 10:34 AM EDT

As Josh details in his blog, there is a maximal and a minimal case for demanding that Republican nominee Donald Trump disclose his financial interests. The maximal case is arguable, but debatable. The minimal case is not.

07.26.2016 - 11:13 PM EDT

Bill's old. He feels rickety and a little fragile, especially when he first walked out on the stage tonight. He looked to me like someone who might break if you pushed too hard. He seems to have a touch of a tremor in his hands.

I've lived almost my whole adult political life in a virtual relationship with Bill Clinton, with many ups and downs, in the second half of the relationship more downs than ups. In many ways this was a classic and an entirely familiar Clinton speech - especially post-presidential Bill Clinton, more storyteller than advocate or campaigner. And yet it's subtly altogether different because it's intimate and personal, barely at all tied to policy, and rippling underneath the surface with devotion and guilt and restoration and ambition and a whole fabric of different things probably a lot of us who've been watching this story for a quarter century sense intuitively.

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